PTS 900 Semi-Automatic Heat Press


The PTS 900- SEMI-AUTOMATIC HEAT PRESS is an easy to handle semi-automatic printing machine fitted with an application tray. This heat press allows for arranging prints up to an area of 700 x 1.100 mm. This model is designed with the front opening drawer system, allowing to dress a piece of garment over the lower tray without contact with the thermal platen, thus assuring more agility and safety to the operator.
The upper heating platen features double Teflon coating, casted-in heating resistance and milled in aluminum to provide a uniplaten pressure over the entire platen area.

Model PTS 900 PTS 900 PTS 900
Voltage 220 Volts Single-phase/Bi-phase 220 Volts 3-phase 380 Volts 3-phase
Recommended compressor 5,2 feet3/min 5,2 feet3/min 5,2 feet3/min
Power(Kw) 9,4 9,4 9,4
Power consumption (Kw/h) 7,5 4,6 4,6
Current (A) 42,7 24,6 14,5
Useful area (mm) 700x1100mm 700x1100mm 700x1100mm
Package (L x W x H) in mm 1284x1134x1550 mm 1284x1134x1550 mm 1284x1134x1550 mm
Size of supported platens 700x1100 mm 700x1100 mm 700x1100 mm
Air consumption 2,2 feet3/min 2,2 feet3/min 2,2 feet3/min


Length (B) 1114 mm 1114 mm 1114 mm
Width (A) 1030 mm 1030 mm 1030 mm
Recommended operation length (D)   2737  
Recommended operation width (C)   1350  

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