Jetrix KX5 UV Flatbed Printer


The Jetrix KX5 is the flagship model in the Jetrix KX series.

The KX5 uses the industry-leading Konica print head which is able to print down to 2 point text and stunning photographic quality images. It is also extremely economical resulting in an ink cost of only £0.50 per SQM for a full colour and full coverage print. The print heads are very durable too, on average each head is anticipated to last around 3 years in the Jetrix. The printer is robust and able to take up to 500kg in weight on the specially designed honey comb bed. It can also print objects up to 10cm in height so is ideal for non-standard bulky items. The Jetrix KX5 features a zonal vacuum system with 3 powerful ring blowers inside, which means the suction can be zoned to the specified print area. This enables solid and accurate positioning of substrates and therefore less wasted media due to reprints plus no more masking the bed off, which is extremely time consuming.

The print colours available are CMYK with White, Varnish & Primer as an optional extra. The Varnish provides a gloss finish for a variety of applications, including fine art and photographic work. The Primer gives the capability to print on to almost any substrate, such as Glass and Stainless Steel.

There is also a 2.2m roll-to-roll option which gives total flexibility for printing a wide variety of substrates.

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