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All Trimalco products have been specifically designed for the large format Sign and Graphics markets and draw on the founder's 21 years experience in the industry (18 years, most as Managing Director, with Keencut and 3 years with Fletcher Terry). Trimalco is a brand name of FTC (UK) Ltd and all Trimalco products are designed and manufactured by FTC in the UK.

APOLLO - Multi substrate cutters

The Apollo is Trimalco’s revolutionary vertical cutter. It is manufactured in the UK, offers a high degree of performance and accuracy and costs less than half the price of the competition.


A truly affordable finishing solution for any sign making business, the Apollo is designed to cut cleanly, accurately, without dust and without noise. The Apollo’s interchangeable tool cartridges (each cartridge can be changed in less than 10 seconds) mean that you only buy the tools you need.


The Apollo comes as standard with the utility blade cartridge (4160), optional cartridges are available for cutting aluminium composites (4161), for ‘V’ grooving aluminium composites (4162), and for scoring acrylics (4163). The cartridge system means that new tools can be developed for new materials giving the Apollo virtually unlimited scalability.


A wall mounting bracket is supplied as standard but optional free standing kits are available for each model.


Features include a full length clamping system. Two production stops, making repeat cuts for production runs quick and accurate. A laser sight line for all materials (all tools share a common cut line) and an integral counter balance resulting in less operator fatigue and leaves hands free for loading material.


The Apollo is available in three models, Apollo 165 (4041) which cuts a maximum 165cms and Apollo 210 (4040) and 250 (4042) which cut a maximum of 210cms and 250cms respectively.

ARTEMIS - Safety straight edges

This top quality straight edge has been engineered in extruded aluminium and anodised for lasting protection. The Artemis has been shaped to help focus downward pressure on clamping the work piece and to protect fingers against any tool slippages. The underside features two full length silicone inserts to assist gripping and to provide essential protection for sensitive surfaces. A full length dual metric/imperial scale is fitted along the front edge and a press-fit stainless steel bead helps to protect the aluminium edge from blade damage.

The Artemis is an essential aid for cutting, scoring and pen lining, the Artemis is available in 6 lengths from 60cm (24") to 300cm (120").


EUROPA - Large format cutting system

Europa, Trimalco’s large format cutting system comprises a number of interacting products which together offer a high degree of performance and accuracy at a price unmatched by any other.  The cutting head, which is common to all Trimalco cutter rails, includes a magnetic blade magazine which accepts standard utility blades and standard scoring blades.  A 45mm (1¾”) textile cutting wheel and holder is included as standard. 

A choice of two cutter rails is available. The unique lightweight, single extrusion design of the Europa offers an inbuilt rigidity which allows the cutter to span widths in excess of 5m.  The Europa Pro, which outwardly looks identical, is made from two extrusions factory adjusted for increased accuracy.

The Europa is available in ten sizes from 60cm (24”) to 500cm (200”), the Europa Pro is available in three sizes from 250cm (100”) to 350cm (138”)

KRONOS - General purpose cutters

The Kronos is Trimalco’s general purpose cutter. The strong and stable, anodised aluminium base incorporates a narrow groove that safely accepts the blade tip during cutting and provides the perfect foundation for your work. The Kronos features a self adjusting hinge and lift arm assembly designed to allow the cutter to accept materials longer than itself and provides lay-flat cutting on materials up to 13mm thick.

Utilising the same cutting head as the Europa and Europa Pro, the Trimalco Kronos comes complete with blade magazines for standard utility blades and standard scoring blades and includes a 45mm (1 ¾ “) textile cutting wheel and holder. The Kronos can be used as a table top cutter or alternatively it can be mounted on an optional stand.

The Kronos is available in six sizes from 60cm (24”) to 300cm (120”).

NEMESIS - Integrated cutting systems

The Trimalco Nemesis means you can now have the functionality of the Trimalco Europa cutter rail, table mount and elevators all in one unit.


Features include:


   ●    A fixed docking station and base that fastens with screws to an existing flat table surface.  The cutter rail can simply be lifted of the base and stored or used as a portable cutter rail.
   ●    An integral lift mechanism on each end of the unit allows for easy material loading.
   ●    A full-length aluminium base extrusion which incorporates a groove for the blade tip to run along, avoiding damage to the table top.
   ●    Three full length silicone grip strips, 2 on the cutter and one on the base to aid clamping.


The cutting head, which is common to all Trimalco cutter rails, includes a magnetic blade magazine which accepts standard utility blades and standard scoring blades.  A 45mm textile cutting wheel and holder is also included as standard.


The unique lightweight design of the rail extrusion provides an inbuilt rigidity allowing the Nemesis to span widths in excess of

5 metres (200”). There are ten sizes available, from 60cm (24”) to 500cm (200”)


The Nemesis is designed to mount onto your existing table or to the optional EUROPA table.  Either way, you will create a complete cutting station capable of cutting materials up to 20mm - ¾” thick.

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